Muscleblaze Whey Protein 4 Kg

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Muscleblaze Whey Protein 4 Kg


  • MuscleBlaze® Whey Protein 8.8 lb Vanilla is an advanced whey protein supplement, which helps to provide 25g of fast absorbing, international quality whey proteins per serving
  • It comes loaded with DigeZyme®, a digestive enzyme that assists to enhance protein digestion and absorption
  • It is a superior bodybuilding supplement, which helps to reduce the breakdown of muscles
  • Packed with 5.5g of BCAAs and 11.7g of EAAs, this supplement boosts recovery post workout and helps in maximising of the workout performance
  • MuscleBlaze® Whey Protein Vanilla comes loaded with Whey Protein Isolate as its primary source of protein, with added whey concentrate to speed recovery process post workout session

MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Protein Supplement Powder with Digestive Enzyme, 8.8 lb 125 Servings (Vanilla)
The ultimate MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Protein Supplement Powder with Digestive Enzyme, 8.8 lb 125 Servings (Vanilla) is a new benchmark of power-packed performance for all kinds of protein supplements in the market. All the best quality raw materials are directly imported from top-notch international sources, maximizing your overall workout performance. It is widely recommended for muscle building enthusiasts, athletes, weight lifters and other active individuals.  Benefits Of Consuming MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Protein Supplement Powder with Digestive Enzyme, 8.8 lb 125 Servings (Vanilla)

Speedy and Effective Recovery of Muscles
MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Protein Supplement Powder with Digestive Enzyme, 8.8 lb 125 Servings (Vanilla) is enriched with mainly Whey Isolate which is 90 % pure protein by weight. Along with Whey Concentrate and Whey Hydrolysate, Each serving of MuscleBlaze Whey Protein 8.8 lb 125 Servings (Vanilla) provides  25g of pure muscle-building proteins for every serve of approx 33grams, helping in speedy and effective recovery of muscles post strenuous workout sessions for a lean muscle built.

Rich in BCAAs & EAAs
This MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Protein Supplement Powder comes with a full amino acid profile which includes 5.5grams of BCAAs and 11.7grams of essential amino acids. BCAAs namely leucine, isoleucine and valine help in enhancing muscular strength, stamina and swift muscle recovery.

Aids Weight Loss
MuscleBlaze Whey Protein is one of the best protein supplements on the market that curbs your appetite and keeps you full all day long. This Muscleblaze Whey protein 5 kg is a must-have supplement in your diet that will help you achieve your dream physique in a short time.

Helps build lean Muscles
If you are working hard for a lean muscle building, MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Protein Supplement Powder with Digestive Enzyme, 8.8 lb 125 Servings (Vanilla) is just the supplement for you. Regular exercising with good eating habits and right supplements is all that you need to get your lean body.

Better Digestion with added digestive enzymes
Added DigeZyme® present in the MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Protein Supplement Powder with Digestive Enzyme, 8.8 lb 125 Servings (Vanilla) is a multi-enzyme blend that plays a vital role in improved digestion of protein thereby lowering any symptoms of bloating.

Serving Suggestion
Add a full scoop (approx 33grams) of MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Protein Supplement Powder with Digestive Enzyme,8.8 lb 125 Servings (Vanilla) to 190-210ml of cold water or skimmed milk and give it a good shake for around 45-50 seconds till the time it is thick and creamy. Consume around 1-4 shakes/day or as directed by your nutritionist suiting your fitness needs and requirements.

When to Consume MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Protein Supplement Powder with Digestive Enzyme, 8.8 lb 125 Servings (Vanilla)?
For effective results, consume it in the morning post your workout. But if you are exercising regularly then you are advised to consume it immediately after your workout session. Reports from the National Strength and Conditioning Association have shown the ideal recommendation of at least 15 grams of protein after a workout. Our body is highly sensitive to insulin after exercise and shuttles carbohydrates and proteins into muscle cells instead of fat cells. This sensitivity declines post-workout until ~2 hours at which point it reaches baseline. The rapid absorption of the essential nutrients from whey makes it an ideal choice of protein supplement to be consumed post-workout for a speedy and active recovery of muscles.

How to Store MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Protein Supplement Powder with Digestive Enzyme, 8.8 lb 125 Servings (Vanilla)?
It is essential to store this supplement in a cool dry place as it can be denatured if kept under direct heat or over high temperatures. Denatured whey protein has proven to cause allergies in some people.

Where To Buy MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Protein Supplement Powder with Digestive Enzyme, 8.8 lb 125 Servings (Vanilla)?
With numerous brands claiming them to be the best in the market, choosing the right brand and also the supplement store for your fitness journey becomes a daunting task. Shop top quality, authentic and laboratory-verified products from, at a reasonable price and discount. Whether you are looking for the best whey protein, mass gainer or BCAA supplements, MuscleBlaze supplements have it all for you. Make your fitness journey enjoyable, smooth and economical, shop at and grab the best deals now.

Buying Guide
1. What are some of the best sources of protein?
Protein is a vital nutrient, responsible for various functions in the body such as building cells, muscles and tissues, as well as making antibodies and hormones. Protein should be an essential part of an individual’s diet. People who are fitness freak or athletes may benefit from increasing their protein intake.  You can get protein from both animal and plant sources. Some of the best protein sources are eggs, milk, yogurt, fish and seafood, soya, chicken and turkey, nuts, seeds, pork, beans, pulses. Whey protein is another important option as it provides all the essential nutrients to the body.

2. What are the different types of protein?
Protein plays a very important role in our diet and we all know the benefits too. But only choosing the right protein and consuming it at the right time provide optimum results.

Protein can be categorized into 5 types:
Whey Proteins
When it comes to the best protein type, whey protein is the king. Whey proteins are not only loaded with all essential amino acids but are also easily and quickly digested. Sub components (microfractions) present in it offers benefits above and beyond elemental nitrogen and amino acids. Whey protein is available in different forms and the basic one is whey concentrate. Lactose, fats and other unwanted elements are ‘isolated’ out in Whey protein isolate. Whey peptides have been broken down (hydrolyzed), for quick digestion. So the fastest and purest digesting whey proteins you can choose are hydrolyzed whey protein isolates.

Casein Proteins
80% casein protein and 20% whey protein are found in milk. Casein protein is often referred to as a slower acting protein because it takes more time to absorb and digest than other proteins. The right time to consume whey protein is at bedtime.

Egg Proteins
Eggs are considered to be one of the best sources of protein but what makes it good for athletes and bodybuilders is that they are loaded with all the essential minerals, vitamins and EAAs, effective in both gaining and losing weight. Eggs are dairy-free and are a great alternative to whole milk, casein, whey proteins for those with lactose intolerance or milk allergies.

Blended Proteins
Blended proteins contain more than one protein source. They could be a combination of whey protein isolate and whey protein and so on. If you are tight on a budget but want to get the benefit of all types of proteins, go for blended proteins. They provide more sustained protein digestion than single source proteins like casein, whey or egg.

Recovery Proteins
They are moderate carbohydrate, calorie and fast-acting proteins, specially designed to be taken immediately post-workouts when nutrient needs are more and muscle protein synthesis and glycogen are at their peak. Most of them also contain whey protein hydrolysates and supplemental ingredients like BCAAs, creatine, and glutamine to further help the rebuilding and recovery process. This may also include complementing ingredients like betaine, creatine and micronized amino acids to help you with your muscle building goals.

3. What is the difference between fast, intermediate, and slow acting proteins?
Fast, intermediate and slow here refers to the speed with which a given protein is broken down and absorbed. Whey proteins are easy and quick to digest, whole milk and egg proteins are in the middle, and casein proteins are the slowest. Instead of taking the same single source of protein take distinct types or protein blends at different times of the day to achieve optimum results.

4. What are the things to look for when buying protein powder?
When trying to choose protein powder, there are a few things that you should pay attention to, such as the most important information is on the back of the food packaging and that is ingredient list. It is important to check what you are putting in your body. Check the nutrition facts carefully like the number of servings per container, amount of protein per serving and order of ingredients.


Type Whey Protein
Use Weight Gain
Color Creamy
Feature Energy Booster, Free From Impurities
Packaging Plastic Bucket
Flavor Vanilla
Form Powder
Packaging size 4 Kg

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