Muscleblaze BCAA Gold 450g (30 serving)

Price : INR 1,730.00 / Pack(s)

Muscleblaze BCAA Gold 450g (30 serving)

MuscleBlaze® BCAA Gold is the new intra-workout fuel for the sturdy as it gives you the robust energy with 8:1:1 BCAAs providing 5.6g of Leucine per serving High leucine content helps prevent the onset of catabolism during and after workout and faster muscle recovery. Leucine is the major activator of mTOR in the body which ramps up muscle protein synthesis and therefore muscle growth With L-Citrulline for max pump to enhance the absorption of vital nutrients and rapid protein synthesis in the body BCAA Gold is enriched with electrolytes including sodium and potassium to minimize dehydration during workout Available in refreshing watermelon flavor, this workout fuel contains zero added sugar


Feature Easy To Use, Excellent, No Side Effects, Pure
foam Powder

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